Terra, Society, Goods

Here at TISE Group we stand for value-based and sustainable actions. We treat the environment and society as we do our customers, partners and employees: with mutual respect, great regard and considerable trust. We divide our focus topics into the three fields of action Terra, Society, Goods.



We believe that mutual focus on environment is necessary. We are constantly reducing our ecological footprint. Our main concentration:

Climate change
We are systematically reducing our greenhouse gas footprint through measures to increase efficiency, procurement and self-sufficiency.

Responsible use of energy and resources
We use energy and resources in our processes as efficiently as possible and handle them responsibly.



We are continuously working on a sustainable, safe and diverse working environment. Launch social programs for the environment improvement.

Employees and society development.

We have confidence in every day contribution from our employees and society in our future life.



Our goods is the result of many people involved in the sustainability process. We create competitive advantages for our customers and dynamically support them in achieving their sustainability goals.

Engineering and Sustainability

Engineering and sustainabilty

Sustainability is not only a question of use, but also depends on factors such as use in the customer’s application, service life and end-of-life options. Every product consumes resources and has an environmental impact. Considering these factors over the life cycle is crucial for assessing how sustainable a product is. Engineering and sustainability therefore have to be considered in conjunction. This applies to any product made of any material. In this way, ecological, technical and economic advantages can be combined.