Paper is everywhere. It is used every day for different meanings and purposes. Paper is also at the forefront of the renewable resources industry. Paper engineers today use science and technology to improve the way people interact with the world. TISE Group is passionate about sustainability and the stewardship of natural resources.

Our engineers are responsible for maintenance of all equipment in the papermaking process. This includes identifying problematic equipment, developing maintenance schedules, or completing a root cause analysis if equipment breaks down.

TISE Group is able to help customers to identify and implement the most feasible and reasonable improvements for reaching higher operational efficiency.

Our Engineering Service

Pre-sale engineering design & Professional service

The company has an engineering technology center to provide and ensure customers with professional services in main production aspects, including commercial and supply chain, layout, production process design, etc.

Professional supply of spare parts

Rapid supply for the process parts to ensure the timely supply. We provide customers with complete types and high-quality genuine process parts to ensure that each spare works at its full capacity in the operation of the equipment.

Quality inspection control

The equipment we sell shall pass the multi-level quality inspection procedures such as self-inspection, responsible engineer re-inspection, final quality inspection, and engineer final approval. Utilizing these quality principles, we prove our quality principles.

Professional team

We have professional technical experts and service team. Our experts are our value; no matter how sophisticated are tasks hard work helps to overcome any obstacles.

Equipment inspection service

We provide customers with professional and overall equipment inspection services to ensure that the equipment functions safely and stably.

Our Engineering Solutions

Process Engineering and Re-engineering (System Redesign & Process mapping) Service.

  • 3D data creation
  • 2D drawings
  • Production analysis

Field Instruments for the automation process

  • Consistency transmitters
  • Level transmitters
  • Flowmeters

DCS for Pulp Mill Automation

  • Quality control systems
  • Optimization
  • Constant improving